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Male and Female Perspective on Adult Films

As someone involved in the adult industry, its interesting to note the huge difference in attitudes towards pornography between men and women. This isn’t from the perspective of the debate about the pros and cons of porn but simply a view of how users of porn view it differently depending on their gender. The male and female perspective on adult films is very different.

Men are generally very visually orientated creatures and respond to the simple sexual eye candy factor that is evident in just about every adult DVD produced. Its all about the sex and films generally don’t have to be particularly elaborate or overly intellectual propositions, its quite simple and revolves around the mechanics of sex and sexual exploration.

Women however, respond to a much wider variety of inputs and stimuli than men in the real world and their sexual response to adult films is the same. There is much more interest in the build up to the sexual act, the foreplay, the scene that is set in the lead up to the sex itself and the way the whole package is presented with a good setting and cinematography as is often seen in the growing number of high quality adult DVDs produced by studios such as Private. Generally, women must not feel that there is any exploitation or imbalance between the male and female porn stars and that what is being vicariously enjoyed is a sexual act that can be shared equally by all involved.

I remember the first time I watched an adult DVD with my wife; it was in fact the first one she had ever seen. I chose one by that stalwart of the British porn industry Ben Dover because his films are always real and have a very simple personal touch, a feeling of being made by ordinary people for ordinary people. My wife thought the film was OK but commented that one of the male stars was rather unattractive, which as I look back on it now, I have to agree with but the whole experience became a turn off for her when one of the guys spat on the woman’s vagina. I didn’t know this was in the film and it isn’t something I like to see or would ever do to anyone and it really highlighted the fine line within personal taste of what is acceptable or not.

male female perspective adult films

I think in the end I feel it is very positive that people have such wide tastes not only sexually but in general; it makes for a richer world and it gives us satisfaction and opportunities for growth when we explore the world fully. Within porn and adult films, I think it is even more positive because women consumers and producers are now a force in the industry and their preferences and needs are being considered more and more each year. This not only brings this form of sexual exploration to more people, it helps the adult films industry keep one foot on the ground and reminds it that everyone who watches porn is just a normal, everyday person looking for stimulation.