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What is Tera Patrick up to lately? The latest Tera Patrick news is that she has moved to Italy! She is currently working with a European adult talent booking agency which coordinates bookings for adult film stars and feature dancers. She especially is excited to introduce American talent to Europe. In addition to her agency work, she is performing as a feature dancer and burlesque artist in Italy. Her virtual pursuits include camming on Streamate and Customs4u to thrill her fans anywhere in the world.


In her personal life, Tera is single again, having broken up with her longtime boyfriend, FX makeup artist, Tony Acosta. Tera will have another book published soon which she promises will contain more intimate details of her life than those she included in Sinner Takes All. The manuscript is currently at her publisher.

Tera continues to expand her mainstream acting with a recent role in an indie film titled Madhouse Mecca. No film release date yet, but if you follow Tera’s Twitter, she will certainly tweet a release date when known.

Tera Patrick official Twitter: @Tera1Patrick

Tera Patrick – the new Elvira?

Tera Patrick will be playing a sexy burglar in a full length indie horror movie titled: Angel of Darkness, The Legend of Lilith. The film is being produced by the well known editor of the pop culture magazine, Girls and Corpses, Robert Rhine. Girls and Corpses, in case you’re not familiar, is an online humor ‘n’ horror mag. G&C features both comedy and horror elements including pictorials of hot chicks (mostly porn stars and adult models) next to mocked up corpses. Casting Tera in a co-starring role in a horror flick isn’t a stretch. Tera starred in an Indonesian horror film which was released for the southeast Asian market in 2010.

Angel of Darkness, The Legend of Lilith will be released on DVD and cable television VOD early this summer. In addition, Tera will be co-hosting a series of vignettes, along with Rhine, to synch up with the release of a new low budget horror feature every quarter under the aegis of Girls and Corpses Presents. In the vignettes, Tera will appear with the magazine editor (he actually dubs himself the “deaditor” lol) to intro each new sexy horror feature. Will Tera Patrick become the new Elvira, Mistress of Darkness?

Tera Patrick Sex Icon

Tera Patrick often admits that she was an ugly duckling, tall and gawky, and that she didn’t blossom into the sex icon Tera Patrick until her early twenties. It’s not often that you hear about someone as beautiful and sexy as Tera making the metamorphosis out of an ugly duckling past without major plastic surgery. The only plastic surgery which transformed Tera’s physique was her breast implants, which she still has, despite having retired from porn. Tera also transformed herself from Linda Ann Hopkins, Army brat born in Montana, to international superstar Tera Patrick. As a mainstream model and adult performer, Tera utilized many stage names including: Sadie Jordan, Sara Jordan, Linda Shapiro, Brooke Thomas, Tara Patrick and then finally settling on the name all of her fans know, Tera Patrick.

Tera Patrick's HOT Burlesque Show by realitychecktv

Tera has gone mainstream despite her porno past, but is still one of the most recognizable adult performers even after folding her adult film career to focus on marriage, business ventures and starting a family. Recently, Tera has been considering the development of a classic burlesque show in Las Vegas. The burlesque show would be featured at a major Vegas casino.

Tera Patrick Fans

Even though Tera Patrick retired from appearing in hardcore porn scenes seven years ago, she continues to act in adult videos and in other film projects. In addition, Tera makes live appearances at select conventions and elite gentlemen’s clubs. While Tera is a multi-millionaire, she continues to market herself by selling memorabilia on eBay and at promotional events.

Tera is a smart businesswoman and this is what differentiates her from other adult film stars, who don’t succeed, who burn out or who don’t understand they have to be diligent about marketing themselves and taking advantage of strategic business opportunities. Tera also maintains her solo site TeraPatrick.com and frequently updates it with personal photos and fresh videos to pull new subscribers as well as ensure continual renewals from loyal devotees. She makes occasional hours available for phone sex calls with her fans and collects one of the highest per minute rates of any “phone sex operator”. She does live cam appearances. Currently, she appears live on Streamate when she schedules a cam show. Tera tweets almost every day and you can follow her on her Twitter @TERA1PATRICK

Tera Patrick Twitter

Tera Patrick News

What’s the Tera Patrick news to date this year? Listing a net worth of $15 million, it’s not like Tera Patrick needs to act in adult films for a paycheck. It’s obvious that Tera enjoys appearing onscreen. She will have three video titles released in 2013, one in which she will star and two in which she will be featured along with other actresses. Tera has obviously been bitten by the acting bug.

After appearing in an Asian horror film in 2010, performing as voiceover talent for both animated series and video games plus making a critically well-received tv show guest appearance, she has decided to take on some roles that are edgier, intriguing or extend her acting capabilities. In one role, she will show off her comedy skills along with Bree Olsen. In two other roles, she will struggle as she is bound and even gagged, to escape using the only wiles she has and, of course, Tera has plenty of wiles {wink}. While the roles are adult in nature, they are not BG hardcore or even softcore porn. Tera also has made live appearances this year at Comic Con, Exxxotica (where she received a Lifetime Achievement award) and Hempcon (she sold personalized memorabilia at her booth.) Tera knows that self-promotion is key to keeping her name on everyone’s lips. She also did a heavily promoted three night appearance at a classy gentleman’s club in Hawaii earlier in the spring of this year. If she’s not on the acting stage, she’s working on another stage!

Tera Patrick Sex Life

Here are some juicy details about Tera Patrick’s Sex Life! On a Howard Stern tv show appearance, while Tera was still married to ex-husband Evan Seinfeld, Tera detailed some of the kinky sex she and Evan liked to indulge in. The kinky sex included “gasping”, where Evan would grab her neck close to orgasm and cut off some of her air supply and blood flow to the brain, thus creating an intense head rush along with her orgasm. There’s a reason why the French call an orgasm, “le petit mort”, the little death, n’est-ce pas? Some kinky couples like engaging in “breath play” to enhance orgasms. The feeling of the loss of control that one partner experiences when the other exerts control also contributes to the rush.

Another intriguing detail about Tera Patrick’s Sex Life is her admission that she had a personal fantasy sex to-do list of hot places to have sex and different sexual experiences she wished to fulfill. Of course, being in porn probably helped her fulfill many of those fantasies. Tera worked her way down to one last item on her fantasy sex list! And the last item on the list is? To have sex in Egypt at the Great Pyramids. Too bad Tera has retired from working as an adult film actress since a porn video featuring her in hot sex scenes at the Pyramids would be incredible. Hopefully, when the political climate calms down in Egypt, she can fulfill this fantasy personally. Tera has retired from appearing in hardcore pornography since 2006, although she owns several adult businesses including a film production firm, talent agency and femdom Mistress Couture clothing line.

Tera Patrick Phone Sex

Tera Patrick is doing phone sex! CallTeraPatrick.com is Tera’s direct dial phonesex webpage where you can click to call and be connected to Tera Patrick live. Currently, Tera Patrick charges $8.05 per minute and is available for calls from five to thirty minutes in length via the Verified Call phone entertainment platform. You know you’ve fantasized about Tera for years. Imagine speaking to her personally. Have a sexy and fun conversation or hear her tell you how to masturbate and orgasm. Tera Patrick has been doing occasional broadcast cam shows on ImLive.com, but now you can hook up with Tera for phone chat, one on one.

Call Tera Patrick Phone Sex

VerifiedCall.com, a respected authority in professional call payment processing, is branching out into the adult arena by signing up adult talent agencies and adult modeling agencies to promote phone sex connections with their models and stars. Fan connectivity and interactivity is personalized self-promotion for any adult models or adult film actresses. Verified Call is also placing an emphasis on social media marketing by listing Twitter, Facebook or personal website addresses for each model or porn star. Models and porn stars are tweeting their availabilities and displaying their click to call buttons on their websites. So far, Tera has been the most popular phone sex star, breaking revenue records when she’s live.

Tera Patrick Girls of Sunset Place

Tera Patrick guest starred on the new 2012 Showtime Series “Girls of Sunset Place” in episode 10 titled “Beauty and Burlesque”. Tera proved she isn’t just a porn star, Tera proved she can act and showed off her dramatic acting capabilities. In this sexy episode, Tera plays herself! She is the “Beauty” and the “Burlesque” as she wowed the audience with her erotic burlesque show. In a touching moment, Tera shared her feelings on what true love is with one of the main characters on the “Girls on Sunset Place” series. When I watched the episode, I had to wonder how much Tera really had to act or if she was just expressing her personal feelings on what true love means to her.

Tera Patrick Girls of Sunset Place

Tera Patrick Guest Star “Girls of Sunset Place”

The “Girls of Sunset Place” premise is centered around a high profile talent agency in L.A. which has signed on five young actresses with dreams of making it big in the business. What is intriguing about the show is that five young relatively unknown actresses are playing the roles of five young relatively unknown actresses. A mirror to a mirror. Will this guest appearance on a premium cable network tv show mean that Tera will entertain guest spots on adult-themed tv shows or perhaps consider other mainstream acting gigs?

Tera Patrick XBIZ 2013 Awards Host

Tera Patrick has been chosen to host the 2013 XBIZ Awards to be held in January in L.A. Fleshlight is the presenter of this coming year’s XBIZ award show, but even if Tera wasn’t a Fleshlight Girl, she’d still be the go-to choice to host the adult biz awards show. Tera Patrick is the name that is synonymous with porn star and is probably the most well-known and successful porn star ever. Not only is Tera the most successful female pornstar, but she’s also a savvy businesswoman. Tera set out to build an adult business empire and with her ex-husband as partner and adviser, she made her adult business empire a reality. While Tera Patrick has retired from performing in xxx videos for over four years now, she performs a few sexy live cam shows every year for her fans on the webcam mega site ImLive.com. Her current net worth is estimated to be 15 million dollars.

This will be the second appearance for Tera as host of the XBIZ awards and Tera is excited to have the honor to present the awards at this prestigious annual adult industry event. There will be over 150 awards presented in too many categories to list in this blog post including Male and Female Performer of the Year, Studio of the Year, New Starlet of the Year to the top affiliate programs and products and services which support the adult industry. To receive email updates on this coming year’s awards, visit XBIZ. You can also you can tweet or share news of the XBIZ 2013 Awards event on Facebook.